You Control The Music

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Music is a crucial part of any night out. As students going out on the Corner and on Rugby Road we found hearing music we enjoyed or disliked could really change the evening. By speaking with many of our UVa peers we realized that our frustration was shared by many: the lack of say in song selection at social gatherings.

The only way to request a song in a bar or party is to either yell at the host/bartender or fight through the crowd around the iPod. This is an inefficient hassle, not only for music lovers, but also for venues.

With Bump-It the problem is solved. Users have a direct say in the music that is played at their favorite spots and the venues can get back to showing a good time. Bump-It provides transparency to the song selection process and moreover has the power to reveal new music to the user. Bump-It turns the annoying process of lobbying for your favorite tune into a fun, intuitive, and efficient way to hear your songs played.

We hope you enjoy Bump-It as much as we do.


The Bump-It Team